French wine
the ice-cream itself

Italian wine
rainbow sprinkles

I  like...

And my #1 goal is to help people live happier lives each + every day.

I'm a born-and-raised Jersey-girl, mama of 2, yoga teacher
 turned accidental entrepreneur.


Hey Hey!


I was a fearless 22 year old with big dreams of becoming an actress. And then, my world got flipped upside down. 

Just months after moving to NYC to pursue my lifelong goal of becoming the next Jennifer Aniston, my lung collapsed for no apparent reason-- and I didn't have health insurance. 

I was left sick, scared, and super-duper broke..

I'm talking negative-bank-account-and-was-sued-by-my-doctor broke. 

And so, in a desperate search for some stability, I took a job as a high school teacher so I could have all the “normal” things— a paycheck every two weeks, paid time off, and health insurance.

And I vividly remember that at the moment I signed my contract I thought— “this will never make you happy. ”

Me- circa 2008- 

right after moving into my NYC apartment

I ignored that whisper from the Universe... but it was right. 

For the next 5 years I woke up each day and lived a life that didn’t feel like my own.

I was bored, uninspired, and stuck in an environment where people would often rather complain about how much they didn’t like their jobs than make a change. 

"You have to quit your job. You’re meant for more."

2014-- an IG "yoga challenge"
pic during my YTT 😂

Thankfully, it was also during this time that I started practicing yoga...which changed my life forever.

I started doing my own 200HR YTT throughout year five at my job.
And at the end of that year— after completing a 21-day meditation challenge— I got another whisper from the Universe:

And in June of 2015, that's exactly what I did. 

2015-- the last picture I took of my classroom... I knew I'd never be back

 2015-- handstands in Siena, Italy right after I quit my job

(and minus the negative bank account...
which ps--is positive nowadays 

I wake up every day and get to do work I love and I'm on a mission to help other women do the same... hopefully wayyy faster than I did. 

And now I run the leading online yoga teacher program, YogaRenew--
serving 40,000+ students around the world.

I've led 100+ students through in-person yoga teacher trainings who are now teaching all over the NYC/NJ area + beyond. 

I've owned + operated award winning yoga studios that offered a yoga home to thousands of incredible students

I've created + run workshops, retreats, and trainings to inspire students to dig deeper into their practice. 

I've organized + led citywide Wellness Crawl events-- with over 1,000 attendees-- to support 120+ local wellness businesses 

I've ran (literally) from studio to studio teaching 11+ group classes per week while doing marketing freelancing on the side to make ends meet. 

For the last 8 years I've worn every entrepreneurial hat there is... all focused in the yoga + wellness space. 


Kate Lombardo‘s influence as a yoga instructor + wellness business strategist spans the globe, touching tens of thousands of students internationally.

For almost a decade, Kate has been teaching and leading training programs through her award-winning yoga studios before expanding virtually through YogaRenew. She answers to many titles-- Yoga Director, CEO, CMO, Speaker, Leader, Writer, Podcaster-- but most importantly... Mama.

Kate teaches in Hoboken, NJ where she lives with her dreamboat hunk-of-a-husband and two incredible children.




FRIENDS is still my favorite TV show ever-- I literally lol watching it. 


I love having a beautiful home but HATE home decorating-- interior designers are superstars.


I can sing every word of The Greatest Showman soundtrack. 


Sirius Black is my favorite Harry Potter character + Prisoner of Azkaban is my fav book.


I love sports documentaries and have watched the MJ documentary 3+ times. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Alden's Organic Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream
(with extra rainbow sprinkles) 

celeb i'd love to meet

Michelle Obama 

Saturday Night Activity

cooking in with friends

alternate universe job:

forever student-- I'd love to have like 20 PHDs

favorite place i've been:

Florence, Italy - 100% lived there in a past life

drink of choice

glass of Barolo 

can't live without

Evian water

usually craving

pasta... specifically bucatini all'amatriciana 

beach vs mountains

10000% beach

Go To Movie

Harry Potter or Avengers Endgame... I'm a sucker for the good-guys winning

But I've learned that my #1 superpower is manifesting a life that I love-- no. matter. what. 

Like... for real.

I've been broke. I've been stuck. I've been super happy and then ended up with a bankrupt business (yup, that happened too-- thanks COVID). 

So whether you're looking to start your yoga teaching journey or you're a female badass that needs help with her biz, I want to help you.

Tell me your story. 
Reach out.
I can help.

I'm here for you.

Here's the deal... 

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