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"the bravest thing you can do is lean into faith and away from fear and trust that you're meant to live this life with happiness, abundance + ease."

be true. be free. be inspired.

living and loving life with my husband + son in a little mile-square city called Hoboken, NJ. 

I’m obsessed with: rainbow sprinkles, Harry Potter, and cooking-in on a Saturday night with a really nice glass of Italian red wine.

6 years ago I was trapped in a job that left me unfulfilled + unhappy and now I run multiple businesses and support and live my dream life by doing what I love. 

If you’re here, I’m going to guess we have a lot in common. 
And I'm really glad we found each other. 

i'm an expert in leading a happy life by embracing big changes. 


hi there,I'm

be true. be free. be inspired.

I'm a yoga teacher + trainer, digital course creator, educator, speaker, + wellness entrepreneur

"Working with Kate has immensely helped me to reset my energy and bring back a more positive mindset Kate is warm, relatable and so easy to work with.

"Kate's programs actually made the goals I had more attainable and even more exciting.

- Morgan g

Any program, course, or class Kate teaches I'm in for because I know it's only going to help me build and be better.

-Jamie g.

student  love. student love. student lobe.


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