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I'm a yoga teacher & trainer, speaker, writer, online biz wiz, wife, mom of 2, travel addict, Harry Potter fan, + lover of food & wine

I'm a vinyasa yoga sequencing nerd who also craves a long, juicy yin class. I could spend hours talking about meditation + positive psychology but get totally fired up by business strategy + money mindset.  I believe happiness lies in the space between seeking success + being of service and can teach you how to do both.

I'm Kate.

Follow your passions. Manifest your dreams. AND do the powerful work to make them actually come true. 

I'm all about the            factor.

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You love yoga. Maybe you’ve been practicing for years and finally feel like getting your 200HR is the next step. Or, you're a certified yoga teacher looking to refine your teaching through advanced trainings + continuing education. Either way, as the Yoga Director at YogaRenew, an ERYT-500HR + YACEP, I've got you covered.


Wellness Biz Consulting

You're a female entrepreneur with an established businesses + you're ready to launch into your next phase so your biz can support more of what you’re seeking in your life-- time, money, or a combo of both. We'll work together to help you find the support you need to make your big dreams happen.

“Kate is an amazing lecturer, who kept me engaged as I listened and took notes. I would highly recommend this teacher training to anyone...who would like to learn more about yoga philosophy and dive deeper into vinyasa sequencing and theming.” 

- Sara T. 300hr YTT STudent

Aries Sun ☼ Taurus Moon ☾ Cancer Rising ▵ 
Enneagram 3 ✧ Human Design: Generator   

8 years ago I quit my "job job" to figure out how to make money doing what I love. Since then I've been a solopreneur + marketing freelancer, yoga teacher, reiki healer, event coordinator, + 6-figure yoga studio owner.

Now I run YogaRenew, an international online yoga teacher training school, and I'm a consultant + mentor for other female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, all while making sure I have time for my most important + favorite job-- being a mom + wife. 

I've learned that I don't have to be just one thing AND that I'm allowed to shift and change as I learn and grow-- and I think that's probably true for you too. 

What's the main driver behind your desire to achieve success and how can you use it to level-up your business + your life?

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Practice with me! Let's learn the basics for practicing + teaching a vinyasa yoga sun salutation.


Inspiring yoga teachers to find their            and teaching female entrepreneurs


I'm a yoga teacher who loves all the woo but I can also spend hours drafting email copy that converts and talking all-things sales funnels. I love yoga AND I love business-- and I can help with both.

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