Goodbye Doubt. Hello Clarity.

Goodbye Doubt. Hello Clarity.

Goodbye Doubt. Hello Clarity.

Goodbye Doubt. Hello Clarity.

Intuitive Business 

This 1-month program will challenge you to open your heart, teach you to listen to it, and empower you to monetize it.

You’ll learn to balance the  mystical with the logistical by using grounded spiritual practices to connect to your intuition + proven marketing strategies to actually launch a business. And, you’ll do it surrounded by other women cheering you on. 

a 4-week community coaching experience to support you in creating a heart-centered business that meets YOUR definition of success + brings you joy. 



Begins March 13, 2024

Begins March 13, 2024

Begins March 13, 2024

✧  You’re a stay-at-home mom who’s feeling ready to invest some of your time into creating something of your own that brings you joy + fulfillment outside of motherhood. 

✧  You have this lingering feeling that you’re meant for something “more”... and you’re just not quite sure what that is or what step to take next. 

✧  You’ve gotten a whisper from the Universe that creating a soul-aligned business is your next step, but you have no idea how to get started. 

+ this Intuitive Business Immersion will guide you through following what’s on your heart AND giving you actionable steps to make it happen. 

✧  You spend your days dreaming about waking up feeling excited about your work + therefore your life. 

✧  You’re stuck in a soul-sucking job that leaves you feeling drained, energetically depleted, or just down-right bored. 

✧  You’re a yoga teacher, healer, personal trainer, or wellness professional who’s ready to define success on your terms + create financial sustainability while doing what you love. 

This is for you if any of the following are true...

... and I want you to know– you’re in the right place.


Soul alignment in entrepreneurship comes from understanding what YOU truly want, what you truly need, + embracing the practical tools to make those things actually happen.

Mindset + Spirituality 

We are surrounded by so much noise + messaging about finding “success”-- but true success is a personal journey and everyone’s definition is different. This week is all about uncovering what authentic success means to you and setting your goals around that. Through meditation, yoga, and manifestion practices you’ll connect to your deepest intuition and use it as your guiding force from this point forward. 

✧ Connect to your intuition 
✧ Learn to create a ritual for doing so regularly
✧ Identify + define your unique goals
✧ Untangle your fears and answer the question: what’s holding me back?

Let's break it down

Here's What You'll Explore on Our Journey Together

Week 1

Money Magnetism  

This topic has been taboo for far too long and this is the week you’ll say “no more”.  In week two we’ll do the unthinkable and talk about… money! Move through a deep dive into your numbers (promise it’s not that scary) so you can gain a true understanding of how much you need to make + use that to empower your business planning from day 1. 

✧ Get acquainted with your relationship with money
✧ Review + categorize your expenses
✧ Determine your current time value rate + find ways to increase that
✧ Get a clear picture of what amount of money you need to generate in order to meet your business goals

Week 2

Startup + Progress Planning 

The #1 “secret” to success is being so consistent that you don’t allow yourself to fail. And that means being realistic about both the what and the when for working on your business. This is the week you’ll set your business milestones for the next 6-months and learn how they can be adjusted as you learn along the way. 

✧ Create a calendar system to manage not just your work, but your life. 
✧ Time block yourself into your calendar and learn to treat those meetings as the most important of all
✧ Create + set milestones for business progress planning
✧ Map out the next 30-days with actionable steps to keep your momentum going

Week 3

Simple Marketing Funnel

You can create the most beautiful business + valuable offer in the world, but if nobody knows about it then there’s no way for you to make an impact. That’s where marketing comes in– and it doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. This is the week I’ll walk you through a super simple sales funnel that will come from your heart– no used-car-salesmen vibes here. 

✧ Identify your key social media platform 
✧ Learn what a lead magnet is and how to create one
✧ Choose + set up your email marketing platform 
✧ Set up a simple email marketing funnel to start connecting to your audience

Week 4

4 Live Coaching Calls

  - 40 minute masterclass covering weekly topics
- 20 minute Q+A
-  Replays available 


- Weekly guided meditation practice
- Weekly journal prompt 
- Motivational mantra card


- community connection with other Immersion Members
- place to get + give support 

Here's What's Included

Every story of success begins with a single moment where the choice was “yes” instead of no.
Choose your “yes”. 


✧ Working 60+ hours per week trying to earn enough to pay my bills
✧ Having 4-5 different jobs at a time
✧ Racking up serious credit card debt while “investing” in my business growth
✧ Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and overspent on a regular basis
✧ Then… finally feeling like I’d figured things out when I owned 2 successful yoga studios that I LOVED
✧ Only to watch them face bankruptcy during the pandemic + becoming a mom while it happened

All while doing it on my own, without other women who “get it” to lean on.

when I quit my job as a HS teacher 9+ years ago and decided to follow my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher. I didn’t have any plan on how to make money + run a business. I just had an unwavering belief that I would figure things out. And I did… but not without a lot of doubt + heartache along the way including… 

I created this because... 

And I don’t want any of that for you. 

It's what i wish i'd had

So you can create a plan that…

✧ is completely aligned with what you want from your business
✧ works for your life based on your individual financial + time circumstances
✧ feels attainable + sustainable
✧ is rooted in practical tools + fueled by magical wisdom

All while sharing space with an encouraging and uplifting circle of women who are walking this journey beside you.

so I'm leading this immersion

Select the plan that works for you

One And Done


One Payment Of

Make it Two


Two Monthly Payments Of

Let's do this!

i'm all in!

(ps... you're reading it right. The price is the same either way. I don't believe you should be charged more overall just because you can't pay it all up front. My goal is to make this accessible, so pick the option that works best for you!)


When does this program start?


We start Wednesday, March 23rd  2024. 


When does this program start?

What are the Dates for the Live calls?

The live calls will be Wednesdays at 8PM EST on: March 13th, March 20th, March 27th, and April 3rd.

What are the Dates for the Live calls?

What if i can't attend live?

No worries! A recording of the call will be sent out within 24 hours so you can catch the replay. 

What if i can't attend live?

Where will the calls take place?

The calls will take place on Google Hangouts-- you'll get a calendar invite with the link to join! 

Where will the calls take place?

What is voxer?

It's a free app that works as both a group messenger + walkie-talkie/voice texting app! 

What is voxer?

Let's be email BFFs.

Writing notes to my friends was my favorite thing to do in high school. And my email list is basically the grown-up version of that. ♡

By signing up, you can expect love letters from me about entrepreneurship, yoga, motherhood, + a sprinkle of all the life things in-between. 


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