>> in the wellness industry-- yoga teachers, studio owners, reiki healers, health coaches, group fitness instructors-- I'm looking at you. 

>> who have an established biz but are ready to scale it the next level
>> are looking for more money, more time, or (my personal fav) more of both... and need some help putting a strategy together to make that happen.

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As a female entrepreneur you're already a total rockstar-- but that doesn't mean you can't want more.

For when the Universe whispers "it's time to level up."

Business Strategy

I'm here to tell you-- that's 100% normal + you don't have to do it alone.

Most of us start out with a big dream and think, "if I could just make X business work.. THEN I'll be satisfied." And then we do the damn thing. We get the success. We grow the biz. And it's great... for a while. And then suddenly we start to hear those whispers from the Universe telling us we still have room to grow. 

You can love your work + your life and still feel like you're meant for more. You can be happy with what you have and still have big ambitions to reach even higher.

real talk:



Limited Availability 

starts May 1, 2023 - Want in?!

This is where you get to "pick my brain". We'll do three things on this call. Firm Up Your Foundation, Clarify Your Goals, Create Your Easy Action Plan. Think of this as a mini-bootcamp to lay out your biz growth plan. 

This is the way to get the most access to me. You'll join a small group of other inspiring, female wellness entrepreneurs for a 6-month coaching experience where we dig in, dive deep, + do the damn thing.



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Ways We Can Work Together

Ready for some help?

And I use what I learned along the way to help you.

From freelancer to contractor to solopreneur. To brick-and-mortar owner to online biz wiz-- I've worn pretty much every entrepreneurship hat there is in the yoga/wellness industry. 

Each season brought me moments of success + joy and also moments of thinking-- "ok... but what's next?"

From bankrupt to booming biz: my 10+ year story has had many different chapters. 

i can help,
because i've been there

Defining what success truly means to you and  authentically achieving it? That's the secret sauce to reclaiming the joy in entrepreneurship. It's time to  increase profits while you focus on your passions so you make more money doing what you love.

freedom to do what you're great at

Automations. Sales Funnels. Drip Sequences. Hiring a VA. Growth. Scaling. Investing. All of these things sound great in theory (duh), but you need to know exactly what to do next so you can start putting them into practice. 

A plan you can actually execute

It's so hard to step back and see the big picture when you're living the day-to-day details. But, gaining insight into what you're really craving as your next step is the only way to make aligned decisions.  

Clarity around what you want next

Here’s What You Need

“Honestly, Kate taught me to not only believe in what's possible, but to actually achieve it.”

- Jamie

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Most importantly, fall in love with your business again. 


Put systems in place so that you remove the overwhelm and feel confident in the process.


Scale your business to the next level that you feel ready for.


Create passive income so you make more money while spending less time working.


Define what success truly means to you so you're not chasing someone else's dream.


here's what's going to happen for you:

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you're committed to doing the work needed to make big things happen

You're ready to make more money

you're looking to gain back time

You're ready to grow your business into its next phase

You have an established wellness business that makes you reliable income

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I work with consulting clients who are looking for long-term commitment rather than a casual happy-hour meetup.

So, before we both spend our #1 asset-- our time-- on a call together, I want to make sure we're the perfect match.

This pre-screening survey will help me figure out if we're a good fit for each other before we commit to our first date.

Biz Profile Questionnaire

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“Working with Kate isn't just an investment in your business, it's an investment in yourself.”

- morgan

I'm ready + waiting to hear your story.


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